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A Message From The President

A message from the President of Fossil Oil Company in regards to the opportunity and benefits of our new Hurricane Lake JV.
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Oil And Gas Investment Tax BreaksIndividuals who are interested in investing and are currently struggling to find a market that will provide a healthy ROI from the outset may want to consider oil drilling programs. Uncle Sam is more than forgiving to investors willing to put their hard-earned income into this industry as he is rewarding those that do with sizable tax breaks.

The United States government has emphasized increased domestic energy production for many years now, particularly in the wake of threats to international oil reserves and supplies. Everyone from private individuals to oil and gas investment companies is benefiting from these modern-day tax incentives. If you have ever wanted to invest, this is the time and place to do it! Continue reading →


Fossil's Financial Admin.  Acima Rames

Fossil’s Financial Admin.
Acima Rames

Houston, TX, 12/10/2013 … Houston’s premier oil drilling and gas exploration company, Fossil Oil Company, LLC, is proud to welcome Ms. Acima Rames as its new Financial Administrator.


Ms. Rames brings 13 years of seasoned bookkeeping and accounting experience, including her background as a QuickBook Specialist and Trainer, to her new position with one of the Houston area’s most dynamic oil and gas drilling and exploration firms.  Ms. Rames’ high energy, intelligence and quick grasp of the fundamental strengths and special character of the industries with which she has served, ideally suit her to her new role as Financial Administrator for a company with Fossil Oil’s unique and proactive culture and multi-faceted operations. Continue reading →

Let’s look at some numbers without any politicians or oil executives here to spin them for us. Both the International Energy Agency (IEA) and the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) have said the world will consume between 89 and 90 million barrels of oil per day next year. The only problem with that is the world has never produced that much oil. The most oil the world has ever pumped is 74.05 million barrels per day.

World Crude Oil Production 2012

That’s about 16 million barrels per day shy of what we’ll need next year. We’ve been making up the difference with natural gas plant liquids (NGPLs), other liquids, and the oil that’s already in the system, either in pipelines or stored reserves.

That’s why the price spikes at the tiniest supply hiccup or event in the Middle East. Gas shot to $5.00 a few weeks ago in California because one refinery went down. Continue reading →

Recently submitted to the Houston Business Journals’ People on the Move from Bizjournal’s People on the Move.


photo of Randy Long


Mr. Randy Long has more than 22 years of sales and marketing experienc3e in a variety of industries and companies. For the past several years, Mr. Long has been associated with several independent oil and gas investments, exploration, and production companies sponsoring oil and gas direct participation programs. Early in 2010, Mr. Long joined Fossil Oil as the Director of Client Relations and is currently positioned as the Assistant to the President.

If you would like to read more of Randy Long in the Business Journal click on http://www.bizjournals.com/houston/potmsearch/detail/submission/919621.

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