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There’s no doubt that the people of the world use oil every day. There is more of a demand for petroleum products now than ever before in history. Besides the obvious uses as fuel for vehicles of all kinds, there are thousands upon thousands of uses for oil in the production of plastic products we use every day. So when it comes to smarter oil investing, you should talk with the experts at Fossil Oil Company to be sure you get your piece of the profits available when you invest in oil.

If you have a financial advisor, he has probably told you about the many different ways you can invest in oil, including working with the stock market. However, when you go about it from that direction, you’ll end up making less because you will be sharing your profits with brokers and others who will take fees for their part in helping you choose the stocks and fees on your profits.

We’d like to recommend that you do smarter oil investing by working directly with the team at Fossil Oil Company. We are the ones who are actually going out and finding the oil, leasing the land, drilling the wells and bringing in profits. Then we offer a portion of those profits to our accredited investors so that you can deal directly with us, without any middlemen taking any of the profits that should go to you.

When you deal directly with the experts at Fossil Oil Company, you’ll not only end up with more profits in your pocket, but you’ll have access to tax benefits you’ve never enjoyed before. Your financial planner or tax accountant will be able to give you all the details on just how smarter oil investing can help give you even more tax benefits. So give the team at Fossil Oil Company a call today at 877-822-5802 and let us give you all the details.

If you’re like a lot of people, you probably wonder why you should invest in oil. People who are worried about their financial wellbeing know that weighing the risks versus the rewards of investing in oil can be scary. And just like any other investment, not being an expert in the field can make the decision tougher. But that’s where the experts at Fossil Oil Company come into the picture. When you want to know whether investing in oil is profitable or not, talk to the people whose job it is to profit from oil, the people at Fossil Oil.

If you want to know why you should invest in oil, talk to our team and let them explain why you should be an accredited investor with Fossil Oil Company. They’ll explain to you that we do exploration for oil and gas using only the latest technology and work with three dimensional seismic drilling partners who are experts in their field. The potential for long-term monthly profits from our exploration and drilling efforts are exceptional, and our 17 year track record speaks for itself.

When you talk with our friendly staff about investing in oil, you’ll see that there are no high pressure sales tactics used. We’ll explain to you some of the tax benefits you’ll have and explain about the tax free income you can have with a reasonable minimum investment. When you learn about the management team, under the expert guidance of our founder and president, Dennis R. Kittler, you’ll understand why we’re confident that our efforts will produce and probably exceed your expectations.

So if you’ve been wondering why you should invest in oil, it’s time to stop wondering and get some answers. Call the office of Fossil Oil Company and let our experienced team tell you all the advantages you’ve been missing out on. Then join us in enjoying the benefits of oil profits for years to come. Contact us today at 877-822-5802 for more information.

FossilHOUSTON, Dec. 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — With the year-end fast approaching, many investors are looking for the best possible oil and gas investment opportunities.  Fossil Oil Company, LLC offers some of the most lucrative oil and gas investment opportunities available. 


There are many kinds of oil and gas investment vehicles available, all of which involve a degree of risk/reward and the management of that risk.  Among these are stocks, bonds and options in oil and gas companies; commodity contracts in oil and gas activities, and limited partnerships.


In all of these vehicles, the investor is dependent on the overall success of the group or company, rather than the production of the well in which he or she is investing.


Because it is by far the most attractive investment opportunity for its partners, Fossil Oil Co. LLC, utilizes the Joint Venture exclusively to fund and manage its oil and gas drilling opportunities.  Continue reading →

clip of videoFossil Oil has currently just posted a new video from Fossil Oil’s President, Dennis R. Kittler.  Fossil is proud to announce that its Fossil-Mississippi Oil Well JV-II project  is starting to begin the initial drilling stage. A few Investment Units reamin at this time which is on a first come basis. The exciting loswer Tuscaloosa oil well which is located in Lincoln County, Mississippi is nearly 100% subscribed affording a high 2013 tas write-off along with an estimated fast payout and significant return on investment (ROI).

To see Fossil’ new video please CLICK HERE.

If you would like more information on our curent projects please CLICK HERE

Flaring of the MCH #1 Well in Liberty County, TX

New discoveries revealed in Brazos and Liberty Counties


Houston, TX, Feb. 4, 2013 – Fossil Oil Company, LLC announces its newest gas/condensate discoveries by first drilling the deep, 3D seismic-based Cook Mountain well in Liberty Co., TX, and a second oil/gas discovery by drilling a dual-stacked, horizontal well into the Buda and Georgetown formations in Brazos Co., TX.


The Bandit #1 Well is a deep 15,000’ Cook Mountain (Yegua Sand) formation that tested on a conservative 7/64th choke flowing 140 Barrels of Oil and 1.3 Million Cubic Feet of Gas.  Opening the choke to a 10/64th, testers measured the gas volume over 2 Million Cubic Feet of Gas a day and the oil to nearly 300 Barrels of Condensate per day. The flowing tubing pressure remained stable at 8,500 psi throughout the 48 hour test.  A pipeline is being built and the tank battery installed currently. View images of the well at   Continue reading →

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