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When you’re looking to profit from oil and gas drilling, you won’t find a better company to invest in than Fossil Oil Company. You’re probably aware of the fact that every company that sets out to profit from drilling is not successful. Many of them are simply flying by the seat of their pants and don’t have the experience necessary to bring in profits. When you invest in oil and gas with Fossil Oil Company, you’ll be working with a team of experts who have an impressive record of success in the fields of oil and gas.

When it comes to experience in the oil and gas industry, you won’t find a better team than Fossil Oil has put together. Our President and Founder, Dennis R. Kittler, has experience in every aspect of the industry. From acquiring mineral leases to deciding on which wells are right to drill, Mr. Kittler has the expertise necessary to make the right decisions. And on his team he has people with years of experience in explorations, using 3D seismic imaging, time migration and amplitude variation with offset, as well as many other advanced techniques that make Fossil Oil the company to watch when it comes to oil and gas drilling.

You might think that drilling for oil and gas is something anybody can do, but that’s not the case. Without the experience of many people from many different fields, the end result of random drilling could be disasterous. That’s why it’s important to work with industry leaders, like Fossil Oil Company when you want to be successful in investing in oil and gas. Call our team of experts at 832-919-6459 and let us show you why we are the team to depend on for profits in oil and gas. Take advantage of our years of experience to help you make the right decisions.


As you probably know, the demand for gas and oil is on the rise all over the world. The supply in the world is millions of barrels short, which means that the demand is continually rising. Drilling oil is one of the best ways to make money these days, and oil and gas joint ventures with Fossil Oil Company are the way to go.

There’s no doubt that gas and oil will be in high demand for at least the next fifty years, even though many alternative energy sources are being investigated. All the oil and gas reserves and new wells will be necessary just to keep up with the growing demand. So it would certainly be in your best interest to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to buy direct from Fossil Oil Company and share in the oil and gas joint ventures profits.

Fossil Oil Company, being a smaller, independent drilling company, is one of the exploration and drilling companies that finds more than 65% of all new oil wells. At the same time, reopening wells that have not been completely tapped is another way our company brings in funds for our joint venture partners.

Working directly with Fossil Oil Company on oil and gas joint ventures is a great way to gain tax advantages you never thought were possible. When you invest and pay for well drilling during the year of the investment, you can write off between 65 and 75 percent of that investment, no matter what the outcome of the well might be. Plus you can take 100 percent as a write off for intangible drilling costs, so you can see that there are incredible tax advantages when you invest in oil and gas. For more information on the joint venture projects that are available, call Fossil Oil Company at(713) 978-7986 and talk to our experts.


When it’s time to look for new oil or gas wells, 3D seismic technology is the advanced method for collecting data, processing it and interpreting the information in three dimensions. The process uses sound waves that form 3D images as it looks underground at formations to determine the location of gas or oil deposits.

When investors are looking to put money into gas or oil wells, this is the technology that will help them decide whether it’s a viable investment or not. Because of the level of experience of the management team at Fossil Oil Company, we know the right way to search for oil and gas and we use all the latest techniques to be sure before we drill. In addition to 3D seismic technology, we also rely on geologic interpretation and third party evaluations. We take as much of the guess work out of the process as we can and make sure we do due diligence before making a decision to drill. Once we’ve applied all the processes and we’re ready to open a well for investors you can call and talk with someone on our staff to ask questions about the different ways you can invest in oil and gas.

We can assure you that 3D seismic technology and all our other necessary procedures have been followed as our team searches for new wells. And whether you’re interested in a joint venture investment, a limited partnership or other direct investment, we can answer questions for you and make sure you understand the process as we know it. You can even invest in gas and oil by way of a self directed IRA. Talking with your accountant and tax adviser may be a good idea as well. You can reach the staff at Fossil Oil Company to participate in one or more of our projects by calling (832) 919-6459.

Dennis R. Kittler receives the Worldwide Who’s Who Lifetime Achievement Award


PRLog (Press Release)Jun. 24, 2014HOUSTONPresident of Fossil Oil Company LLC, Dennis R. Kittler, has been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Lifetime Achievement AwardWorldwide Who’s Who, for over 15 years, has been the leading personal branding company that has open doors and enables professionals to reach their career goals by highlighting their achievements. Worldwide Who’s Who has created the Lifetime Achievement Award to spotlight professional individuals who have distinguished themselves throughout their lives. In June 2014, Worldwide Who’s Who Lifetime Achievement recognized Fossil Oil Company’s President, Dennis R. Kittler, who has been considered, over the last 39 years, achieved greatness in the oil and gas investment industry and outstanding professional dedication and career longevity.

Fossil Oil Company, LLC is an independent oil and gas investment, exploration and production company, with top management collectively bringing more than 130 years of experience to generating oil and gas drilling investments and managing their operations from drilling through production

Fossil Oil Company LLC

Fossil’s Geologist, Don Timko and Rio Bravo Energy’s Geologist, Bert M. Graham reviewing the technical data.

Fossil Oil Company, LLC of Houston, Texas has initiated discussions and negotiations for the rights to participate in drilling possibly up to 200 natural gas wells on approximately 10,000 acres in Edwards County, Texas just 120 miles west of San Antonio near Rock Springs City, Texas.  This could be a great opportunity for some great oil & gas joint ventures. Fossil’s President, Dennis R. Kittler, reported that this project would involve drilling 2 to 3 initial test wells early in 2013 down to 7,000’ to perfect the staged fracturing process of these lower Pennsylvanian aged Holman (Strawn) gas sands.  The Holman sand package can be as thick as 800 gross feet and contain up to 7 Billion Cubic Feet of high BTU gas after being fractured.  Kittler commented that the economics of this project are exceptional since these wells will be drilled with air rather than conventional drilling fluids (mud).  There is also an existing 6” pipeline that crosses the acreage ready to take all the gas that can be produced to market.  Fossil’s Geologist, Don Timko remarked that the high BTU natural gas has been proven up in the Val Verde Basin, but, the critical component will be to maximize the recoverable reserves with a successful frac stimulation process.

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