When it comes to any type of investment, there’s always an element of risk. Whether you’re looking at stocks and bonds, mutual funds, CDs, real estate, or energy opportunities, it pays to do your research and due diligence before making a move. When it comes to safe oil and gas investing, it’s a smart idea to talk to the team at Fossil Oil Company to learn what to look for and what to watch out for in an independent oil company before investing any money in with them. There are many legitimate oil and gas companies you can invest with, but there are also scams you need to watch out for. The team at Fossil Oil would like to be sure you are cautious and you don’t get taken by companies that do not have your best interest at heart.

Working with a team like the one at Fossil Oil Company comes with the knowledge that we’ve been in business since 1999, so we have the experience necessary to produce profits for the company as well as for our accredited investors. With the leadership of President, Dennis R. Kittler, Fossil Oil has grown into a company that uses the latest in technology to explore and drill wells for profit. If it’s a great return on investment you’re looking for, Fossil Oil can show you how to use safe oil and gas investing to produce an ROI you can put in the bank every month.

Whether you’re looking for safe oil and gas investing for yourself, your institution or your equity funding group, Fossil Oil Company is the company you want to talk with before you make any other decisions. Call our team of oil investing experts at 832-919-6459 and let us explain what you need to know before you put your money into oil and gas. We’ll be happy to explain the process to you and let you know about the current projects we have available for qualified investors.

If you’re like most people, when you think of rich people you probably think of people who’ve made their money investing in oil. And you wouldn’t be wrong. Many millionaires have made their fortunes by creating wealth with oil wells. What you probably don’t know is that you can make money by investing in oil wells too, and Fossil Oil can help.

If you’ve been thinking about creating wealth with oil wells, you need to talk to the team at Fossil Oil Company. By working directly with our team, you can save all the fees associated with going through the stock market or working with a broker. All of the money you make will stay in your pocket and not need to be divided up among the people who initially found the investment for you or brokers who require a monthly fee. And that’s just one part of what makes Fossil Oil a wise investment.

Because the team at Fossil Oil has years of experience, you can trust them to find oil in places other companies won’t think to drill. By using the latest oil drilling technology and making sure wells are checked by an independent third party before land leases are signed, Fossil makes sure the wells they offer are ones that will bring you an impressive return on your investment. When the team at Fossil puts a project up for investors, you know you’re in for some great profits from oil as well as some incredible tax advantages by investing in oil. Be sure to talk to your accountant or financial advisor to find out just how many tax advantages will apply to you.

So if you’re interested in creating wealth with oil wells, give the team at Fossil Oil Company a call at (832) 919-6459 and let us give you the specifics. We’ll show you how direct investing in oil can be beneficial to you.


Oil prices hit 2016 highsNEW YORK | By Barani Krishnan

NEW YORK Oil prices hit 2016 highs on Thursday, with U.S. crude surging 5 percent to pierce the $40 barrier, on optimism that major producers will strike an output freeze deal next month amid rising crude exports and gasoline demand in the United States.

A weaker dollar .DXY after a Federal Reserve policy decision on Wednesday that indicated two U.S. rate hikes this year instead of four also drew oil buyers using currencies such as the euro EUR=. [FRX]

OPEC kingpin Saudi Arabia and non-OPEC producers led by Russia will meet on April 17 in the Qatar capital Doha, aiming for the first global supply deal in 15 years.

“The remote possibility that a coordinated supply control effort comes from this meeting, assuming it even happens, has put market bears on the defensive,” said Pete Donovan, broker with Liquidity Energy in New York.

Oil prices have surged more than 50 percent from 12-year lows since the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries floated the idea of a production freeze, boosting Brent up from around $27 a barrel and U.S. crude from around $26.

If you’ve always wondered how to profit from the oil and gas industry, we have some information for you. With oil and gas being a major part of our economy since the 1800s, it’s understandable why you’d want to learn about investing in oil and gas and profiting from it. As we all know, the need for gas and oil is not going away anytime soon, but knowing just how to make the most profit from the industry is something you need to know before taking the plunge. The team at Fossil Oil Company would like you to know that they offer direct investing in oil and gas, which is the best way to make the most profit from the money you invest.

When you do direct investing in oil and gas with Fossil Oil, you can be sure you’re in good hands. The team at Fossil Oil has more than 130 years of combined experience in the oil exploration and drilling industry. When it comes to exploring and drilling oil and gas wells, Fossil uses all the latest technology to find the best wells with the highest potential for profits. State of the art drilling equipment, 3D seismic technology and independent consultants are used to verify the potential of wells before they’re drilled. Making the smartest moves when it comes to drilling is not only for your benefit, but for the benefit of everyone involved in the entire process. With their own livelihoods invested in the industry and their intent to bring investors the highest profits, you know you’ll have a team that will do their best to bring in profits for everyone.

So when you’re ready to do some direct investing in oil and gas, call on the experts at Fossil Oil Company and join them in making profits from oil and gas. You can reach Fossil at (832) 919-6459 to discuss your next move.

Markets Eyeing $50 a Barrel Oil

Predictions of an oil rally to $50 a barrel has markets excited, but a top oil analyst cautions that the commodity hasn’t done rebalancing yet.

Oil prices jumped on Monday, with global benchmark Brent crude breaking above the vital $40-a-barrel level, a 50 percent price rise from January when prices hit a near 13-year low.

Prices were buoyed by reports that Latin American crude producers would meet this Friday in Ecuador, sparking hopes of price-supportive measures.

Markets Eyeing $50 a Barrel Oil
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