Investing in oil may be something you’ve thought of doing for a long time, but you didn’t know how to do it. When most people thinking of making an oil investment, they generally think of hiring a stock broker and investing that way. It’s ok to invest in oil stocks, if you know what you’re doing or you have a broker who knows what he’s doing. But you need to realize that any time you add another person to the mix, you’re going to end up paying fees you don’t need to pay. And that’s one more reason to talk to the team at Fossil Oil Company, so you can invest directly with them.

You see, Fossil Oil Company is an independent oil company with a team of oilmen who have years of experience in the exploration and drilling of gas and oil wells. With years of experience, this team is qualified to acquire mineral leases and position themselves to bring high quality gas and oil investment opportunities to accredited investors from all over the country. Lead by an oilman with more than 40 years of industry experience, Fossil’s President, Dennis R. Kittler, was recognized in 2014 with a Worldwide Who’s Who Lifetime Achievement award. When it comes to making an oil investment, there’s no denying that fossil is the team to trust.

One of the most important reasons for making an oil investment with Fossil Oil Company is that you will be directly investing with them, without the need for anyone else to do it for you. You’ll work directly with our oil and gas specialists to choose low risk or high risk wells that meet your own personal investment needs. So call Fossil Oil Company today at 832-919-6459 and let us help you decide which of our current projects is right for you.

If you’ve always wondered if oil and gas investing is right for you, now is the time to talk to the team at Fossil Oil Company. This team has more than 130 years of combined experience in exploring and drilling gas and oil wells. As you probably realize, the oil and gas industry has been around since the 1800s, and it’s not about to go away any time soon. And if you think the need for oil and gas is something that won’t be around in 20 or 50 or even 100 years, think again. With more countries around the world becoming civilized, the need for exploring and drilling for oil and gas will only become larger. And that’s just one of the reasons to talk to the Fossil team and learn what they can do for you.

Over the past several years, the advancements in drilling technology have come a long way. Hydraulic fracturing, horizontal drilling and 3-D seismic imaging are just a few of the techniques that have made finding and drilling for oil and gas more profitable than ever. When you add in Time Migration, Amplitude Variation with Offset (AVO), and all the other advancements that have been made in the oil and gas industry, the benefits of oil and gas investing increase on a regular basis.

When it comes to working with the team at Fossil Oil Company, you won’t find a better team of people to put your trust in. Because they invest their own money in the business they believe in and their own livelihood is at stake, this organization will do everything possible to be sure the investments they make will bring the highest possible return on investment for everyone involved. So if you’re thinking of doing some oil and gas investing, call the experts at Fossil Oil Company at (832) 919-6459 and find out what projects they have available.

There’s a ‘strong case’ for $120 oil in 2018

Today, I’m going to try and tackle the reasoning for my ‘wild’ predictions for oil reaching triple digits by the end of 2017. While I am nearly alone in these forecasts, they are not just pulled out of space, but with deep regard for the fundamental supply/demand picture that everyone mostly agrees upon, combined with what I think is a deeper insight into the likely trajectory of oil company leverage, financing and the role of financial oil derivatives.

Despite the technical nature of this discussion, I think I can make a strong case for $120 oil in 2018 using only two charts of my own making – one charting global demand, which is more universally agreed upon, and then an overlay of global production, which is more open to prediction.

First, demand: Almost all analysts including the EIA and IEA agree that demand continues to grow at a steady pace throughout the rest of the decade, and even a minor economic downturn will only slow the pace of growth (green line), but not upend the upward trend line of demand. Sorry to those environmentalists who pray for an end to carbon use growth in the next decade – virtually no one currently believes it will happen.

supply vs demand

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Mar 29, 2016

 – President Agave Investment Partners and Cuentista Productions

I follow oil pretty closely given our exposure.  As such, I get frustrated with many press and news show accounts of the commodity.  It gets worse when the pundits and writers should know better.  Frequently inexact terminology leads to misconceptions and sometimes I see outright falsehoods that completely distort the truth.  As a former oil analyst and professional energy investor, I feel compelled to take those to task.  As a realist, I see that all markets require a difference of opinion and all investors talk their “book”.  For this reason, when Jeff Currie at Goldman Sachs Commodities Group gets on CNBC and opines about future price movements, I give little notice.  Jeff is posturing for his customers’ and GSs’ positions.  Jeff can spin the story either way and chooses his statistics accordingly…That’s what he is paid very well to do.  

Yesterday (March 28, 2016), I heard Dennis Gartman of the Gartman Letter, a trader and investor that I respect and have learned much from, spout an outright falsehood on CNBC.  Everyone can have a bad day, but I’ve been hearing various versions of this for months.  Dennis said in essence that oil prices could not rise very much because of “all the capped wells that could be brought on line very rapidly” He predicted no more than $42/bbl this year.  He estimated that at current strip pricing, you could lock in $45/bbl in 12 months, making large numbers of these “capped” wells profitable. The implication being that at current prices, the market would be rapidly flooded with new oil. Continue reading →

If you’ve always thought about investing in oil but wasn’t sure how to do it, it’s time to talk to the experienced team at Fossil Oil Company and learn about direct oil investing. Investing directly with the company that’s doing the oil exploration and drilling is a great way to make the most from your investment from beginning to end.

Rather than investing in oil stocks and paying a broker or an advisor to find the stock and monitor it for you, you can do direct oil investing with Fossil Oil Company. When you do that, you’ll save all the monthly fees that those people would take and keep all the profits for yourself. When you work directly with the team at Fossil Oil, you’ll be the first to know about all the latest finds and you’ll have access to all the JV reports that are meant only for investors, so you’ll know which wells are producing and which wells are open for investing.

You’ll have access to the team at Fossil Oil any time you have any questions. You’ll be able to talk about how the company is acquiring the land leases and learn where the next project is scheduled to take place. You’ll basically have the inside scoop on everything that’s in the works so you’re ready to go if you want to invest in another project.

So whether you’re brand new to investing in oil or you’re a seasoned investor, working with the right company is very important. Knowing you can trust the team at Fossil Oil Company is very important, and important to know that our Founder and President, Dennis R. Kittler, has achieved many great things in the oil industry. In 2014, he was recognized by the Worldwide Who’s Who with a Lifetime Achievement in the industry. So you know you’ll be working with a company that has great leadership.

When you’re ready to do some direct oil investing, call the team at Fossil Oil Company at 832-919-6459 and we’ll let you know just how to get started profiting from oil and gas.

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