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Natural Gas Fact or Fiction #1

FACT: You may not know it, but natural gas is widely known as the cleanest burning fossil fuel. Coal and petroleum, when burned, put out higher levels of emmissions that are harmful. In fact, coal and petroleum release nitrogen oxides, carbon emissions and sulfur dioxide, which contribute greatly to air pollution. Natural gas, on the other hand, releases much lower amounts of these and other hydrocarbons.

Natural Gas Fact or Fiction #2

FACT: Natural gas produces methane when used in natural gas vehicles, and methane is a greenhouse gas. Natural gas is actually one of the major sources of methane. However, the increase in methane is more than made up for by the reduction of CO2 emissions. In fact, natural gas vehicles in this country produce almost 30% greenhouse gas emissions than vehicles burning gasoline and diesel fuel.

Natural Gas Fact or Fiction #3

FICTION: The Middle East is the largest producer of natural gas in the world. The truth is the Middle Ease produces only 9% of the total gas produced in the world. Actually, the Soviet Union is first and the United States is a close second.

Because the US is one of the top producers of natural gas in the world, it would be a smart move on your part to work with Fossil Oil Company to learn about investing in natural gas. Another fact you may not realize is that a large majority of midsize companies are producing a large portion of the natural gas in this country. So working with Fossil Oil and buying direct could mean substantial profits from natural gas for you.

If these natural gas fact or fiction statements are a surprise to you, give us a call at Fossil Oil Company and we’ll be happy to explain how investing in natural gas could be very profitable for you. You can reach us at 877-822-5802 during regular business hours.

Parker.Barge.Rig.77July 24, 2015 – Houston, Texas. Fossil Oil Company announces that they have been notified by Woodstone Resources’s President, Mr. Warren McFatter that Parker Drilling Company’s Rig # 54 has been selected to drill the Galveston Bay Energy State Tract 259 Well #1 also known as the North Eagle Bay Prospect. Currently, Rig 54 is drilling an offshore well in Louisiana. Once finished drilling of this well, Rig 54 will move on to our location.  Rig 54 is a 2000 Horse Power posted barge.  Several photos of this very capable rig are posted to this report.

Fossil Oil Company owns a 20% Working Interest in this 1,920 acre prospect. There are still a few Investment Units remaining. This Offshore Project has tremendous economic potential which you can review by CLICKING HERE and requesting the online brochure on the North Eagle Bay Offshore Joint Venture.

North Eagle Bay ProspectNorth Eagle Bay Prospect is located in the shallow waters of Galveston Bay (Gulf of Mexico) on a 1,920 acre offshore State Lease block in Chambers County, Texas just 60 miles south of Houston, TX.  This Prospect lies within the prolific Frio-Vicksburg producing trend of Southeast Texas.  We believe ultimately several additional wells will be drilled starting in 2016 and years to come to fully develop this potential new field discovery. An Investment Unit of $25,000 could represent an estimated $1,230,440 value of the projected reserves from this Program.  This would then equate to an estimated 24:1 to 49:1 Return On Investment (ROI) over the life of the well (s).

If you have any interest in this exceptional drilling opportunity in Galveston Bay, Texas, please contact Amanda Garcia or visit our website.


Domestic natural gas production rates in the United States have reached all-time highs, so much so that importation of this non-renewable resource as well as oil may soon be non-existent. There is a prevailing belief that the bulk of America’s energy needs are being met by external resources, a falsity which strikes uncertainty in the minds of many for various political and economic reasons.

Contrary to popular belief, the U.S. has already demonstrated its ability to be a natural gas production global powerhouse, and many industry experts agree it could soon be the world’s top exporter. The United States’ domestic economy has grown significantly on account of these operations alone, north of $500 billion by some estimates!

The pervading perception that the domestic oil and natural gas economy is currently in a state of flux could not be farther from the truth, and here is why. Continue reading →

Fossil Oil Company has just posted a new video from Fossil Oil’s President, Dennis R. Kittler.  Mr. Kittler is pleased to announce that Fossil is now seeking qualified JV partners for its current Fossil-Turkey Creek Multi-Oil Well JV-III project that will commence drilling the week of March 10th, 2014.  This will be the third of five (5) exciting 3-D seismic based prospects.  The first two wells have been drilled, tested and being completed as significant new oil discoveries.  A few Investment Units remain at this time which are on a first come basis. These exciting Basal Oil Creek wells are located in South Central Oklahoma.  This program affords a high 2014 tax write-off (70% – 80%) along with an estimated fast payout and significant return on investment (ROI).

A Message From The President


HOUSTON, Jan. 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Fossil Oil Company, LLC acquired  the right to participate in any and all oil & natural gas drilling prospects generated from this brand new state-of-the-art 3D seismic data in South Central Oklahoma. 


The thirty-four (34) sections have never had 3D seismic shot over this extensive acreage which immediately affords Fossil Oil more than twenty-one (21) exclusive high quality Basal Oil Creek Sand drillable locations within mature trends where risk is minimal. 


“Potentially millions of barrels of recoverable oil and natural gas could be produced from most of this undrilled acreage within the Pauls Valley Uplift geological trend,” Fossil’s President, Dennis R. Kittler, reported.


Fossil Oil plans to form a series of Joint Ventures for qualified Investors to participate in drilling these multiple pay formation wells consisting of the prolific Basal Oil Creek Sand found between 7,000′ – 10,000′ below ground surface. There are also nine (9) other potentially productive groups in the Pauls Valley uplift consisting of the Arbuckle, Simpson, Viola, Sylvan Shale, Hunton, Woodford shale, the Deese, Hoxbar and Pontotoc Groups. Within those productive groups, independent geological consultants have confirmed the presence of significant subsurface oil and gas trapping structures. Utilizing today’s advanced drilling technology; the drill bit can be directed to encounter these traps at the highest and most productive position to maximize hydrocarbon production.


Currently, Fossil Oil is completing two oil wells drilled in December and has two rigs drilling new Basal Oil Creek Sand wells currently. 



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