3D Seismic Technology

When Fossil Oil Company is looking to find new gas or oil wells, 3D seismic exploration is the technique that helps find hydrocarbons in the subsurface of a tract that’s being drilled. Geologic interpretation will be used on a lease tract along with 3D seismic results to make sure we find the best potential for successful drilling.

Some oil exploration companies that are new to the industry tend to drill prematurely and don’t have the equipment or the knowledgeable and experienced team to do 3D seismic exploration properly. Before we allow investors to sink any money into a gas or oil well exploration, the experts at Fossil Oil Company make sure we use every advanced technique to give us the cutting-edge advantage and find the exact wells that will produce the most profits for everyone involved.

Fossil Oil Company uses exploration geologists and geophysicists to do the exploration to find oil traps that contain hydrocarbons. By studying the vibrations of the earth through the use of seismology, our team measures the sound waves to look for petroleum traps buried deep within the earth. When the sound waves bring back the right results and they’re interpreted by our team, we know we’ve found the right spot and drilling can begin.

Putting your trust in a team that uses the latest technology and has an experienced team to do 3D seismic exploration is much smarter than simply choosing an oil or gas stock from a chart or relying on a stock advisor who is trained to look for stocks that will bring him the highest commissions. Investing directly with Fossil Oil Company cuts out the middlemen and brings all of the profits directly to you. If you’re interested in learning more about the techniques we use to find and drill for oil and gas, call and talk to our experts at (832) 919-6459. We’ll be happy to show you how we can help you profit for years to come.

When it’s time to look for new oil or gas wells, 3D seismic technology is the advanced method for collecting data, processing it and interpreting the information in three dimensions. The process uses sound waves that form 3D images as it looks underground at formations to determine the location of gas or oil deposits.

When investors are looking to put money into gas or oil wells, this is the technology that will help them decide whether it’s a viable investment or not. Because of the level of experience of the management team at Fossil Oil Company, we know the right way to search for oil and gas and we use all the latest techniques to be sure before we drill. In addition to 3D seismic technology, we also rely on geologic interpretation and third party evaluations. We take as much of the guess work out of the process as we can and make sure we do due diligence before making a decision to drill. Once we’ve applied all the processes and we’re ready to open a well for investors you can call and talk with someone on our staff to ask questions about the different ways you can invest in oil and gas.

We can assure you that 3D seismic technology and all our other necessary procedures have been followed as our team searches for new wells. And whether you’re interested in a joint venture investment, a limited partnership or other direct investment, we can answer questions for you and make sure you understand the process as we know it. You can even invest in gas and oil by way of a self directed IRA. Talking with your accountant and tax adviser may be a good idea as well. You can reach the staff at Fossil Oil Company to participate in one or more of our projects by calling (832) 919-6459.

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