If you’re like a lot of people, you probably wonder why you should invest in oil. People who are worried about their financial wellbeing know that weighing the risks versus the rewards of investing in oil can be scary. And just like any other investment, not being an expert in the field can make the decision tougher. But that’s where the experts at Fossil Oil Company come into the picture. When you want to know whether investing in oil is profitable or not, talk to the people whose job it is to profit from oil, the people at Fossil Oil.

If you want to know why you should invest in oil, talk to our team and let them explain why you should be an accredited investor with Fossil Oil Company. They’ll explain to you that we do exploration for oil and gas using only the latest technology and work with three dimensional seismic drilling partners who are experts in their field. The potential for long-term monthly profits from our exploration and drilling efforts are exceptional, and our 17 year track record speaks for itself.

When you talk with our friendly staff about investing in oil, you’ll see that there are no high pressure sales tactics used. We’ll explain to you some of the tax benefits you’ll have and explain about the tax free income you can have with a reasonable minimum investment. When you learn about the management team, under the expert guidance of our founder and president, Dennis R. Kittler, you’ll understand why we’re confident that our efforts will produce and probably exceed your expectations.

So if you’ve been wondering why you should invest in oil, it’s time to stop wondering and get some answers. Call the office of Fossil Oil Company and let our experienced team tell you all the advantages you’ve been missing out on. Then join us in enjoying the benefits of oil profits for years to come. Contact us today at 877-822-5802 for more information.


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Oil bulls distressed that last week’s rally fizzled can find some comfort in forecasts for a bigger and longer rebound by the end of the year.


Analysts are projecting prices will climb more than $15 by the end of 2016. New York crude will reach $46 a barrel during the fourth quarter, while Brent in London will trade at $48 in the same period, the median of 17 estimates compiled by Bloomberg this year show. A global surplus that fueled oil’s decline to a 12-year low will shift to deficit as U.S. shale output falls, according to Goldman Sachs Group Inc.


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There is an expensive way to invest in oil and there’s a less expensive way to invest in oil. The expensive way is to use brokers or agents who look for investments for you and then take a big chunk of your profits every month for finding and maintaining your account. There’s absolutely no reason anyone needs to do that. There’s a better way to invest in oil, and that’s to directly invest in oil with Fossil Oil Company in Houston, Texas.

Fossil Oil Company is an oil and gas exploration, production and drilling company founded by Dennis R. Kittler in 1999. Mr. Kittler brought on board experts in every area of exploration and drilling so he could produce operations that would produce excellent profits for the company and its investors. Specializing in seismic based oil drilling in upper and mid Texas, the Louisiana Gulf Coast, Alabama, Oklahoma and Mississippi, the wells produced by Fossil Oil Company are bringing in profits on a regular basis. The company was set up to allow people a better way to invest in oil, by investing directly with the staff at Fossil Oil.

When you call our staff and talk to them about our current projects, they’ll let you know which of them are open to new investors. Whether you want to invest in low risk projects or you’re a more seasoned investor who is looking for more high risk projects, our team will be able to guide you to the perfect investment for your situation.

So when you’re ready to find a better way to invest in oil, call the experts at Fossil Oil Company and let us show you how investing in oil and gas can give you the profits you want. You can reach us locally at 832-919-6459 or toll free at 877-822-5802. We’ll show you how to invest in oil without giving away any of your profits.

Oil prices rose toward $34/bbl. early Thursday, amid growing chatter about the possibility of OPEC and non-OPEC producers meeting to discuss cutting production levels to support prices. Later Thursday morning, Brent hit $35/bbl. after the Russian Energy Minister said Saudi Arabia had proposed cutting oil output by up to 5% by each country in order to bolster oil prices.

Early Thursday, Brent was up $0.34 at $33.44/bbl. by 7:51 a.m. EST, after gaining 4.1% in the previous session. A session high Wednesday of $33.99/bbl. was the global benchmark’s highest level since January 8. Brent was about $6 higher than the 12-year low set this earlier this month, but it’s still down approximately 10.5% in January following a 16% drop in December. Meanwhile, WTI was up $0.04 to $32.34/bbl., after settling the previous session up $0.85, representing a gain of 2.7%

On Thursday, Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said it was reasonable for producers to discuss the current state of the oversupplied oil market and that OPEC was attempting to organize a meeting with non-members in February.

And the head of Russia’s pipeline monopoly told CNBC Wednesday that Russia and other countries hit hard by low oil prices should talk to Saudi Arabia and other OPEC countries about production cuts to raise oil prices.


If you’re looking for investment opportunities in oil and gas, Fossil Oil Company is the place to find them. With more than 130 years of experience in finding and drilling oil and gas wells, this team is the one that can show you how to bring in profits, no matter what your investment level might be. Rather than taking chances with the stock market or hiring someone to manage your investment portfolio, you can take the bull by the horns and invest directly with Fossil Oil Company and avoid all those extra fees.

The investment opportunities in oil and gas are continually growing, with new gas and oil wells being drilled frequently. If you check the list of current projects on our website, you can see that we concentrate our efforts in Upper and Mid Texas, along the Louisiana Gulf Coast, in Oklahoma, Mississippi and Alabama. Our Founder and President, Dennis R. Kittler, have an outstanding record in the industry for the past 40 years. As an independent oil and gas production and exploration company, Fossil Oil has made a name for itself by not only working with investors, but investing its own money in projects as well.

In addition to an excellent team of experts in their respective fields, Fossil Oil uses 3D seismic imaging, time migration, amplitude variation with offset (AVO) and every other advanced technology available to be sure the investment opportunities in oil and gas that they present to investors are sold and poised to bring in maximum profits. So when you’re ready to take the next step and invest in oil and gas, call the experts at Fossil Oil Company for more information. You can reach them at (832) 919-6459 during regular business hours and ask them any questions you might have. We look forward to helping you profit from oil and gas, just as our many current investors are profiting.


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