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Oil And Gas Investment With Fossil Oil Company LLCFossil Oil Company, LLC, is an independent oil and gas investment, exploration, production and drilling company founded by Dennis R. Kittler, President, in 1999. Fossil specializes in developing and offering oil well investment opportunities with top management collectively bringing more than 130 years of experience to generating oil and gas drilling programs and managing their operations from drilling through production. Prior to his establishment of Fossil Oil, Mr. Kittler held the position of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of several other privately owned oil and gas drilling and operating companies. These companies specialized in the acquisition of producing properties and the generation of seismic based oil drilling prospects along the Mid and Upper Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coast, Oklahoma, Alabama and Mississippi. Mr. Kittler and his management team have been actively acquiring mineral leases, oil drilling operations and positioning themselves to provide high quality oil and gas investment opportunities for qualified accredited high net worth individuals, institutional and equity funding groups who are seeking significant investment opportunities in reserves of oil and natural gas. In June 2014, Worldwide Who’s Who Lifetime Achievement recognized Fossil Oil Company’s President, Dennis R. Kittler, who has been considered, over the last 40 years, achieved greatness in the oil and gas investment industry and outstanding professional dedication and career longevity. Fossil Oil Company, LLC is an independent oil and gas exploration and production company.


What separates us from the competition:

  • How many decades has the company been in business for? Fossil has been in business for 17 years.
  • Does the company have their own money at risk in the project? Fossil does.
  • Does the company utilize the most cutting edge science to continue development of massively productive oil and gas fields? Fossil does. We deploy 3-D seismic imaging, Amplitude Variation with Offset (AVO), Time Migration and more.


Benefits of Investing in Oil & Gas with Fossil Oil Company


Seventeen (17) year track record cutting-edge technology through all phases of drilling/completion including three dimensional (3-D) seismic drilling partners, potential long-term monthly income, substantial tax benefits, tax-free income, depletion allowance, investor friendly business model, low overhead, low promote, no high pressure marketing, and reasonable minimum investment. Fossil Oil management and consultants have more than 130 total years’ experience in the oil and gas industry experience.

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