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Fossil Oil’s President and Founder, Dennis R. Kittler, has spent the past forty-two years actively acquiring seismic data, subsurface geology and mineral leases near producing oilfields, generating multiple well drilling prospects to provide lower risk multi-zone oil and gas drilling programs.  Reaching the age of seventy-five (75) this year, Mr. Kittler has decided to down-size Fossil’s activities to just managing the remaining three (3) active Joint Ventures.  This website will remain on line to keep the JV REPORT link current for the investors in those active programs.  If you do not remember the password, please call Mr. Kittler at the number below.

Fossil Oil Company has also moved to Mr. Kittler’s home now that after 5.5 months it has been repaired from the flood damage:
11107 Tupper Lake Drive
Houston, Texas 77042
Office:  281-687-5442


Currently, Fossil Oil management is searching for an accountant/CPA to prepare the “final” tax return on all but the three active JVs. Last year’s CPA is still owned payments on preparing the taxes and has yet to agree to work on the 2017 returns.  The K-1s will be delayed since we have no CPA at the moment.  Fossil Management will be filing an extension on all Fossil Joint Ventures.  We have no choice since the deadline for filing an extension is March 15th.  There is a major penalty by not filing an extension if the tax return is not filed.  We will let you know any progress made in this area.

Fossil Oil Management


Fossil Oil Company’s office was significantly damaged by the recent Hurricane Harvey compounded by the Tropical Storm Harvey.  As of today, we have limited access to the residence of Dennis Kittler and Fossil Oil’s office within his home.  Power has been returned and reconstruction of the home and office is currently underway.  We have received minimum assistance from FEMA compounded by no flood insurance has complicated rebuilding. Our new office phone number is 281-687-5442.  Fossil Oil no longer has any employees since Lisa Kittler has moved on to a new career.  Mr. Kittler is currently living outside of Houston until reconstruction is completed.  Currently, there are only three (3) active Joint Ventures still managed by Fossil Oil.  Fossil Oil Management is seeking to find a replacement “Managing Partner” to handle the accounting of Quarterly Statements, posting of the Report Link and year-end tax K-1.

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this catastrophic event.

Fossil Oil Management

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